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Success with the Mug!

This thing is the greatest invention ever, Keto or not.  But definitely helpful in blending the greasy ingredients in bulletproof coffee!  

I had already stirred it, not thinking, but my daughter wanted to not only see how this thing works, but give it a go herself.  It sounds loud in this video, but I promise it’s not more than a hum.  

Also remember to click here if you’d like to purchase this one.  

*I am not affiliated in anyway with Amazon or the seller of this mug. 


Self Stirring Mug

You guys!  I am so excited about this.  I love bulletproof coffee in the morning but I don’t like having to use a shaker bottle and then pouring it into whatever cup I’m using that day.  And it doesn’t mix well if you just stir it with a spoon (as the butter and coconut oils like to separate).  I have seen quite a few others use these for them bullet proof coffee so I had to order one.  

Click here to order this one from Amazon
Let me tell you, there are a ton of colors and sizes and styles available.  This is a little smaller than I expected but it’ll do.  I really wanted one that would fit in my car cup holder so I could take it to work and this’ll do the trick.  Looking forward to making some BF coffee in it tomorrow morning!

My potassium citrate and magnesium citrate arrived today as well so I’m hoping to try out some Ketoaid recipes, too.  But I can’t drive while on pain meds so I’ll have to wait until I can get some seltzer water.  So today I am hydrating with my regular old water + Mio, with a twist or two of pink Himalayan salt.  

The best Keto pancakes 

I am so grateful for bloggers who share their wisdom and insight.  Every day I find a recipe online from a variety of bloggers.  This helps keep my “diet” interesting as well as delicious.  

Keto Karma Keto Karma Pancakes are the most delicious breakfast.  I love my normal egg, bacon or sausage, cheese routine for breakfast and don’t really tire, but not everyone can do that.  These were a nice change to breakfast.  

My photo isn’t the prettiest.  The consistency is a bit different and they cook up differently so I flipped a little early on these puppies.  Taste was not at all affected by my inability to make them pretty 😉

When I eat an actual breakfast I don’t drink bullet proof coffee because it’s just way too many calories to intake so early.  I do however still put a small amount of butter and cream in my coffee and stevia.  When I say a small amount, I mean 1/4 tsp or less.  

Anyway, I hope you’ll look at the recipe I shared and check out her site in general.  I found a lot of amazing looking things there!

Week-end update 

Unlike other diets or lifestyle changes I’ve tried to make in the past, this first week has not been hell.  With the exception of a two day headache while crashing from carbs, and probably a lack of enough water, everything has been fine.  There’s definitely no shortage of flavor or deliciousness when eating high fat low carb.  My family has enjoyed it as well, though most of them are still eating normal carbohydrates.  

One of my biggest challenges, and I’m going to add it to my goals, is ensuring I intake enough water and to also decrease my coffee consumption.  *side note: you don’t want to over drink bulletproof coffee, it ain’t pretty. 

If you’re new to Keto or a veteran, I’d love to hear from you.  What are your challenges?  What are some tips and tricks to share with the average busy mom, student, and full time employed person?  

Also, see a delicious photo?  I can share recipes if there’s an interest in me spending my time. 


Working retail is not friendly for lunch time.  First of all, “lunch” is never at lunch time…and it’s never at the same time every day.   Add to that being surrounded by crap food choices and the world’s most expensive grocery store and it’s even worse.  So normally I’d run to Safeway and grab a Diet Coke, a bag of chips and maybe a premade sandwhich.  Or I wouldn’t eat.  And I was usually skipping breakfast so mix no food or carb loaded food with carb loaded Starbucks and you get 250 lbs plus you feel like crap!  

This morning I was running behind.  I had run to the grocery store and searched as best I could grass-fed meat (need a new grocer) and bought tons of veggies and good food that was Keto approved.  Little “NSV” (non scale victory) was not even walking down the cracked and/or chip aisle.  I bought no bread, and man did some of it look divine!  After all, it is absolutely 100% my weakness.  

So by the time I got home and got ready for work my time was short.  I didn’t want to set myself up to be making bad choices at Safeway today!  So I threw some red leaf lettuce, spinache, cheese, and organic ranch into a tub and quickly made some tuna salad for protein. It’s hitting the spot on this “lunch” break and it didn’t cost me a whole lot.  Chugging down with some vitamin water. 

A delicious dinner (x2)!

Last night for dinner I had this delicious grass-fed New York strip, cauli mash, and asparagus.  The steak I seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.  The cauli mash turned out ok, I used too much cream cheese and also lack a proper food processor.  The asparagus, something I always enjoy, I made with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a big plop of Dijon mustard.  I mixed it all up and roasted on a low broil for about 10 minutes. Very satisfying and VERY delicious. 

I weighed myself this morning was down even more, this time weighing it at 239.2 lbs.  I know this is mostly water and bloat weight, but let’s face it…we love seeing progress regardless.  As referenced in my initial blog post, my goal is to lose 20 pounds by 2/14/17.  This is only the first in many goals, with the ultimate being healthy overall, and also to drop 100 pounds in total. 

Dinner tonight was made with the entire family in mind.  We made a Keto meatloaf recipe.  The biggest differences in this are lack of breadcrumbs, grass-fed beef, and low-sugar ketchup.  It was amazing.  I also made stuffed mushrooms and simple broccoli. I’m the only one who likes mushrooms so I have plenty to eat with lunch over the next couple of days.  

All in all, everything is going well except I’ve been hit with a headache turned migraine that started yesterday.  I actually had to leave work early and spent all afternoon in bed, still waking with a slight pounding.  Thankfully now it seems to be mostly gone.  From what I’ve gathered, this can be part of the “carb flu” and since I drastically cut out almost any carb, this would explain it.  I’m also working on increasing my water intake, something that can be difficult when you work retail and can’t have water on the floor.  But, I’m gonna keep chugging on my breaks!  

I look forward to finding more delicious recipes to try.  Yum!

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