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Down another pound!!

I had a slow last couple of weeks, and last week was even worse with my back injury.  But what do you do when you stumble?  You pick yourself back up again…and kick tomorrow’s ass. 

So, after a bit of less than ideal Keto eating, and some straight up cheat meals, I buckled back down.  Carbs have definitely proven to be the enemy.  In just a couple of days of eating carbs (and not even insane amounts, just “normal” carb intake) I had gained 2 lbs of bloat.  Got myself back on track, and in just a couple days, I lost that couple pounds plus one more. 

That brings my total weight loss to 17.1 lbs!


Self Stirring Mug

You guys!  I am so excited about this.  I love bulletproof coffee in the morning but I don’t like having to use a shaker bottle and then pouring it into whatever cup I’m using that day.  And it doesn’t mix well if you just stir it with a spoon (as the butter and coconut oils like to separate).  I have seen quite a few others use these for them bullet proof coffee so I had to order one.  

Click here to order this one from Amazon
Let me tell you, there are a ton of colors and sizes and styles available.  This is a little smaller than I expected but it’ll do.  I really wanted one that would fit in my car cup holder so I could take it to work and this’ll do the trick.  Looking forward to making some BF coffee in it tomorrow morning!

My potassium citrate and magnesium citrate arrived today as well so I’m hoping to try out some Ketoaid recipes, too.  But I can’t drive while on pain meds so I’ll have to wait until I can get some seltzer water.  So today I am hydrating with my regular old water + Mio, with a twist or two of pink Himalayan salt.  

Checking In

I wish I had something to report but I don’t really.  I do, however, feel like a post is due.  Unfortunately I was sick as a dog last week and then, I have no idea how, developed the world’s worst back spasm 😫

So I went to urgent care yesterday because this ridiculous spasm started on Saturday and by yesterday (Monday) morning I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to work, had gotten very little sleep, and was just all around miserable.  

He’s given me some pain and anti-inflammatory medicine and I’m off work for another couple of days.  This is just one more reason to stick with this Ketogenic diet.  I am too young to be getting back spasms and cramps and aches and pains, especially with no actual injury to my back!  

So in addition to sticking with my Ketogenic eating, I’m working toward finding the right work regimen, but also have a goal to rise earlier in the morning and steal my days with a morning stretch.  I’m hoping doing so will help prevent this in the future.  Despite him saying I don’t need to increase potassium because this isn’t the same thing as a muscle cramp, I had already ordered potassium citrate, as well as magnesium citrate, to begin drinking Ketoaid.  It should arrive by today so perhaps tomorrow I’ll follow up with some different Ketoaid recipes I’ve tried 😊

No more weight loss since I last reported (currently down 16.1 lbs) so unfortunately I did not hit my first goal of 20lbs by 2/14.  It’s ok, though.  I know I slipped a little especially when I was sick.  Here’s to another month of Keto, which I’m hoping will result in about 10 lbs of weight loss from here.  

Official “Before” Pictures

Ok, so these aren’t really “before” photos as I’ve been eating Keto since January 3rd, but I couldn’t bring myself to take any photos before starting.   I do wish I had because I still look and feel disgusting but I’ll be grateful down the road to see from whence I came.  

Like I say in my about me, I believe in sharing the raw honesty of this journey, every ugly part of it.  

I present these with no make up and post-workout.  

For comparison here is a screen grab from December that was part of a video I was in that really made me go “Holy crap, have I really gotten this fat?”

Here’s to getting this extra 100lbs (now 84 or so) off of my body. 

One month update…

Well, with no other changes made but what I’m eating (no exercise not point to stay under a certain calorie mark) I’ve lost almost 14 of the 100 lbs I need to lose.  

I’ve been able to stay satisfied, enjoy delicious favorites as well as find new, and even open my children’s tastes up. 

I firmly believe in the total transparency of the journey.  I have had 2 cheat meals.  They weren’t worth it.  Haha.  Well, one sort of was.  The hubby and I had our favorite Chinese one night, and after the day from hell the other day I bought the kids pizza for dinner, and had it too.  Total bloat and discomfort.  I’ll stick to toppings or other delicious Keto-friendly options.  Like these organic beef cheese stuffed bunless burgers.  

Snacking can be a huge vice, especially for the overweight crowd.  Wholly guacamole mini cups are a total godsend and available in bulk from Costco.  

Mashed cauliflower sound completely unappetizing and not at all a good substitute for potatoes.  But with a good processor and high quality butter, they’re divine.  My daughter proclaimed “Oh sweet!  There more cauli!” this particular evening. 

I cannot wait to see what the next month brings.  I’m 6.5 lbs away from my first goal which I hoped to reach by 2/14.  I started a mild exercise routine last night and am currently researching trainers and programs in my area.  

I also had 2 regular clients tell me today they could see I had lost weight, and neither knew about my weightloss journey.  That is SUCH an amazing feeling. 

Week-end update 

Unlike other diets or lifestyle changes I’ve tried to make in the past, this first week has not been hell.  With the exception of a two day headache while crashing from carbs, and probably a lack of enough water, everything has been fine.  There’s definitely no shortage of flavor or deliciousness when eating high fat low carb.  My family has enjoyed it as well, though most of them are still eating normal carbohydrates.  

One of my biggest challenges, and I’m going to add it to my goals, is ensuring I intake enough water and to also decrease my coffee consumption.  *side note: you don’t want to over drink bulletproof coffee, it ain’t pretty. 

If you’re new to Keto or a veteran, I’d love to hear from you.  What are your challenges?  What are some tips and tricks to share with the average busy mom, student, and full time employed person?  

Also, see a delicious photo?  I can share recipes if there’s an interest in me spending my time. 


Well, it’s been 2 full days.  Practically no carbs with the exception of the fact that they exist in many foods, even my recommended mayo.  The goal is to stay below 20g of net carbs.  

I stepped on the scale this morning, something I try to do every day as I lose weight to get an idea of my fluctuations.  The scale read 241.9.  I’m a little in disbelief.  We will see what tomorrow says.  That’s almost 7 lbs.  

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