I wish I had something to report but I don’t really.  I do, however, feel like a post is due.  Unfortunately I was sick as a dog last week and then, I have no idea how, developed the world’s worst back spasm 😫

So I went to urgent care yesterday because this ridiculous spasm started on Saturday and by yesterday (Monday) morning I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to work, had gotten very little sleep, and was just all around miserable.  

He’s given me some pain and anti-inflammatory medicine and I’m off work for another couple of days.  This is just one more reason to stick with this Ketogenic diet.  I am too young to be getting back spasms and cramps and aches and pains, especially with no actual injury to my back!  

So in addition to sticking with my Ketogenic eating, I’m working toward finding the right work regimen, but also have a goal to rise earlier in the morning and steal my days with a morning stretch.  I’m hoping doing so will help prevent this in the future.  Despite him saying I don’t need to increase potassium because this isn’t the same thing as a muscle cramp, I had already ordered potassium citrate, as well as magnesium citrate, to begin drinking Ketoaid.  It should arrive by today so perhaps tomorrow I’ll follow up with some different Ketoaid recipes I’ve tried 😊

No more weight loss since I last reported (currently down 16.1 lbs) so unfortunately I did not hit my first goal of 20lbs by 2/14.  It’s ok, though.  I know I slipped a little especially when I was sick.  Here’s to another month of Keto, which I’m hoping will result in about 10 lbs of weight loss from here.