I am so grateful for bloggers who share their wisdom and insight.  Every day I find a recipe online from a variety of bloggers.  This helps keep my “diet” interesting as well as delicious.  

Keto Karma Keto Karma Pancakes are the most delicious breakfast.  I love my normal egg, bacon or sausage, cheese routine for breakfast and don’t really tire, but not everyone can do that.  These were a nice change to breakfast.  

My photo isn’t the prettiest.  The consistency is a bit different and they cook up differently so I flipped a little early on these puppies.  Taste was not at all affected by my inability to make them pretty 😉

When I eat an actual breakfast I don’t drink bullet proof coffee because it’s just way too many calories to intake so early.  I do however still put a small amount of butter and cream in my coffee and stevia.  When I say a small amount, I mean 1/4 tsp or less.  

Anyway, I hope you’ll look at the recipe I shared and check out her site in general.  I found a lot of amazing looking things there!