Well, with no other changes made but what I’m eating (no exercise not point to stay under a certain calorie mark) I’ve lost almost 14 of the 100 lbs I need to lose.  

I’ve been able to stay satisfied, enjoy delicious favorites as well as find new, and even open my children’s tastes up. 

I firmly believe in the total transparency of the journey.  I have had 2 cheat meals.  They weren’t worth it.  Haha.  Well, one sort of was.  The hubby and I had our favorite Chinese one night, and after the day from hell the other day I bought the kids pizza for dinner, and had it too.  Total bloat and discomfort.  I’ll stick to toppings or other delicious Keto-friendly options.  Like these organic beef cheese stuffed bunless burgers.  

Snacking can be a huge vice, especially for the overweight crowd.  Wholly guacamole mini cups are a total godsend and available in bulk from Costco.  

Mashed cauliflower sound completely unappetizing and not at all a good substitute for potatoes.  But with a good processor and high quality butter, they’re divine.  My daughter proclaimed “Oh sweet!  There more cauli!” this particular evening. 

I cannot wait to see what the next month brings.  I’m 6.5 lbs away from my first goal which I hoped to reach by 2/14.  I started a mild exercise routine last night and am currently researching trainers and programs in my area.  

I also had 2 regular clients tell me today they could see I had lost weight, and neither knew about my weightloss journey.  That is SUCH an amazing feeling.