Working retail is not friendly for lunch time.  First of all, “lunch” is never at lunch time…and it’s never at the same time every day.   Add to that being surrounded by crap food choices and the world’s most expensive grocery store and it’s even worse.  So normally I’d run to Safeway and grab a Diet Coke, a bag of chips and maybe a premade sandwhich.  Or I wouldn’t eat.  And I was usually skipping breakfast so mix no food or carb loaded food with carb loaded Starbucks and you get 250 lbs plus you feel like crap!  

This morning I was running behind.  I had run to the grocery store and searched as best I could grass-fed meat (need a new grocer) and bought tons of veggies and good food that was Keto approved.  Little “NSV” (non scale victory) was not even walking down the cracked and/or chip aisle.  I bought no bread, and man did some of it look divine!  After all, it is absolutely 100% my weakness.  

So by the time I got home and got ready for work my time was short.  I didn’t want to set myself up to be making bad choices at Safeway today!  So I threw some red leaf lettuce, spinache, cheese, and organic ranch into a tub and quickly made some tuna salad for protein. It’s hitting the spot on this “lunch” break and it didn’t cost me a whole lot.  Chugging down with some vitamin water.