Last night for dinner I had this delicious grass-fed New York strip, cauli mash, and asparagus.  The steak I seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.  The cauli mash turned out ok, I used too much cream cheese and also lack a proper food processor.  The asparagus, something I always enjoy, I made with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a big plop of Dijon mustard.  I mixed it all up and roasted on a low broil for about 10 minutes. Very satisfying and VERY delicious. 

I weighed myself this morning was down even more, this time weighing it at 239.2 lbs.  I know this is mostly water and bloat weight, but let’s face it…we love seeing progress regardless.  As referenced in my initial blog post, my goal is to lose 20 pounds by 2/14/17.  This is only the first in many goals, with the ultimate being healthy overall, and also to drop 100 pounds in total. 

Dinner tonight was made with the entire family in mind.  We made a Keto meatloaf recipe.  The biggest differences in this are lack of breadcrumbs, grass-fed beef, and low-sugar ketchup.  It was amazing.  I also made stuffed mushrooms and simple broccoli. I’m the only one who likes mushrooms so I have plenty to eat with lunch over the next couple of days.  

All in all, everything is going well except I’ve been hit with a headache turned migraine that started yesterday.  I actually had to leave work early and spent all afternoon in bed, still waking with a slight pounding.  Thankfully now it seems to be mostly gone.  From what I’ve gathered, this can be part of the “carb flu” and since I drastically cut out almost any carb, this would explain it.  I’m also working on increasing my water intake, something that can be difficult when you work retail and can’t have water on the floor.  But, I’m gonna keep chugging on my breaks!  

I look forward to finding more delicious recipes to try.  Yum!